Chen Jun

Chen Jun, Professor 

College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest A&F University

Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100, China

Telephone: 0086.15029960062

Fax: 0086.29.87092164


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  B.S.Inner Mongolia Universityfor the Nationalities, Grassland Science 1988

  M.S. Ibaraki University,Japan, Grassland Ecology 2004

  Ph.D Ibaraki University, Japan, Grassland Ecology 2007

  Research Interests:

  My interests in research are, first, to diagnose degraded grassland vegetation in the northwest arid China. The diagnosis is essential to recovery and productionof grasslands. A method developed by us, based on statistical ecology, for surveying and analyzing vegetation will be useful for this research. Second, my interest is to develop new theoretical and practical methods to field surveys of grassland vegetation. I am also interested in modeling grassland ecosystems to manage the productivity and conservation.  

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  • Grassland Ecology, Grassland Science, Grassland Resource and Management,
    2008 to present. 
  • Grassland Ecology Development for Postgraduate Course, 2008 to present.
  • Outdoor PracticesofGrassland Resource and Managementfor Students,2008 to present.

  Outreach and Extension:

  A cooperative research project with the National Ibaraki University (Japan) (Faculty of Science, Ecology Laboratory) was started in 2008. The foci of the project are: (1) Researches on recovery of degraded grasslands in northwest arid districts in China, and (2) Study on statistical ecology of spatial heterogeneity in grassland plant communities. I presented papers at the Annual Congress of Ecology (the Ecological Society of Japan), and the Annual Congress of Japanese Society of Grassland Science in 2009 and 2010. I participated in and presented a paper at the 21th International Grassland Congress held at Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, China, in 2008.

  From the left: Shiyomi Masae, Chen Jun, Yamamura Yasuo, Hori Yoshimichi, Cheng Ji-min, Hu Tian-ming, Nakano Takashi, Yasuda Taisuke.

  Publications: (selected publications from peer-reviewed journalsand international congresses) 
Comprehensive CV is available here

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  Reports in Proceedings of recent congresses held in Japan :

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