Chen Yulin

Professor Chen Yulin
Chen Yulin, Professor, Ph D
College of Animal Science and Technology
Northwest A&F University
Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100
Telephone: +86-29-87081108

B.S. Northwest A&F University, Animal Science 1986
M.S. Northwest A&F University, Animal Feed Sciences 1989
Ph.D. Northwest A&F University, Animal Genetics, Breeding, and Reproduction Science 2000

Research Interests:
Research interests include studies of animal genetic resources, animal feed resources and utilization. Currently, primary focuses are function of important economic traits in sheep gene validation, high cashmere content of transgenic goats, high expression of cellulase gene engineering strain applied research.

•Sheep Husbandry, 1989 to present,
•Animal Production Science, 1990 to present,
•Progress of Animal Genetics and Breeding, 1990 to present

Hosted or attended nearly 20 national and provincial research projects,
Published more than 90 articles in academic papers,
Editor or deputy editor of published 5 academic works.

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2.Qiu-Liang Xu, Yu-Lin Chen, Rui-Xia Ma and Peng Xue. Polymorphism of DGAT1 associated with intramuscular fat-mediated tenderness in sheep. J Sci Food Agric. 2009, 89:232-237.
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