Gong Yuesheng

Professor,Gong YueSheng

Department of Animal Sciences; Department of Animal nutrition

College of Animal Sciences.

Northwest A&F University.

YangLing 712100, China.

Telephone:+86 13759912889


Email: gongyuesheng@sohu.com

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B.S. Huazhong Agricultural University, Animal Science 1982

M.S. Huazhong Agricultural University, Animal nutrition and feed science 1985

Research Interests:

Research interests include:The development and use of feed resources; Evaluation of the nutri- tional value of feed ingredients; Study of calf milk replacer; Using molecular biological methods to improve secretion of xylanase in Bacillus subtilis; The effect of sex on nutrient requirements of laying hens and construction of a screening signal peptide system which can efficiently express and secret the xylanase in Bacillus Subtilis.


  • Feed science , Fall, 1985 to present,

Co-taught with Yang Mingming 

  • Feed additives ScienceSpring, 1990 to present,

Co-taught with Yang Xiaojun

  • Animal nutrition, each semester, 1985 to present
  • Seminar in feed sciencem, 1995 to present
  • Animal feeding science, 1987 to present
  • Research progress on feed, fall, 2000 to present


An outstanding teaching achievements Grand Prize of Shaanxi Province;

third prize of two provincial-level scientific and technological achievements;

Editor-in-chief of the text bookfeed sciencewhich won the second level prize of National University Best-selling textbook in 2008.


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