Hu Tianming

Tianming  Hu, Professor

Department of Grassland Science ,

College of Animal Science and Technology

No. 22, Xinong Road
Yangling City,
Shaanxi, China, 712100
Telephone: +(86) 29 8709 1610
Fax: +(86) 29 8709 2355


B.S. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, Grassland Science 1982
M.S. Northeast Normal University, Ecology 1985
Ph.D. China Agriculture University, Grassland Science 1996

Research Interests

1 Forage germplasm evaluation and breeding. We focus on forage physiological and molecular mechanism under abiotic stress and alfalfa breeding.

2 Forage natural products extraction and their activity. We focus on forages natural products extraction and their activity, their function to the animal.

3 Balance between Animal and Grassland Production and the Management of Grassland. We focus on balance between Animal-Grassland Production and the Grassland Management in Tibet.

4 Animal nutrition. We focus on new feeding stuff development, such as feeding of poultry.


  • Grassland Science : Forage Cultivativation , Spring, 2001 to present,
                      co-taught with Associate Prof. Mingxiu Long
    • Grassland Science : Grassland Management, Fall 2001 to present
      • Grassland Science : Seminar in grassland research, Fall, 2000 to present < >Grassland Science : Seminar in turf grass Science research , Fall, 2000 to present Awards

        Science and Technology Awards of Shaanxi Province(2nd Grade): Research and Demonstration on Forage and Feeding Crops Selection and Effective Cultivation. Issued Feb 8, 2007

        Science and Technology Awards of Shaanxi Province(1st Grade): Integration Research and Demonstration on Key Technology of Diary Industry. Issued Jan 28, 2008

        Patent: China. Patent No. ZL. 200410073338.6 – A Method of Innulin Extraction in Chicory. Issued November 22,2006

        Patent: China. Patent No. ZL. 200410073352.6 – A Way to Make Fructose by hydrolysis from Chicory . Issued  August 9, 2006.

        Patent: China. Patent No. ZL. 200710017658.3 – A Method of Tibetan Kobresia Germination. Issued April 22, 2009

        Outreach and Extension

        We offer technique support to animal husbandry in Tibet, especially in Tibetan grassland grazing capacity evaluation and breeding, production and utilization of wild forages. We also offer consultation on forage (especially alfalfa) variety selection, and cultivation for animal husbandry around Shaanxi Province. Our patents will be supported for new additive development.

        Front row from left to right : Mingxiu Long, Peizhi Yang, Jimin Cheng ,Tianming Hu,

        Shehui Cao, Quanzhen Wang, Yungui Yang ( main  colleagues of research and Extension).

        Publications (selected from peer-reviewed journals)

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