Li Qingwang

Qing-Wang Li, Ph.D. Professor

College of Animal Science and Technology
Animal Reproduction and Cell Engineering Laboratory

Mailing Address:
College of Animal Science & Technology
Northwest A&F University
22 St.XiNong, YangLing, Shaan'xi, P.R. of China (712100)

Telephone: 029-8703278513709129117


1982 Bachelor of Agriculture in Animal Husbandry, Northwest Agricultural University

1985 Master of Agriculture in Animal Reproduction, Northwest Agricultural University

1993 Doctor of Agriculture in Animal obstetrics, Northwest Agricultural University

1993-1995 Study Abroad, Danish National Animal Husbandry Institute and The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

1995-1996 Post Doctoral Research in Transgenic Animal, Southern Illinois University, U.S.A.

Research Interests:

1. In the field of transgenic animals and protein drugs of genetic engineering

(1) The new animal transgenic technology was established and the transgenic mice with green fluorescent protein was born.

(2) Transgenic protein drugs have been produced using animal mammary gland, mainly including Human Lactoferrin Protein, Human Nerve Growth Factor, Antithrombin III and so on. The technology can be used for mass production of protein drugs in the factory.

2. In the field of animal reproductive physiology and control technology

(1) Establish a stable and efficient embryo transfer and IVF technology system in cattle and sheep, the blastocyst rate was 38% and success rate of embryo transfer was up to 50%.

(2) In the field of germ cell freezing, the survival rate of frozen-thawed sperm (pig, cattle, sheep) reached 0.50 to 0.60, survival rate of pig oocytes was 23%, and two new type natural antifreezes were found.

(3) Establish isolation and culture methods of spermatogonial cell in vitro, and directed differentiation in vitro is being studied.

3. The research of anti-cancer and hypoglycemic drugs in cancer and diabetes associated with animal reproduction and infertility

(1) Two kinds of natural anti-cancer drugs were found, they had obvious anti-cancer effect.

(2) Four kinds of good natural hypoglycemic drugs were found.

(3) The research of genetic engineering drugs in anti-cancer and anti-diabetes has also made significant progress.


Animal Reproduction; Principles of Animal Reproduction; Animal Reproduction Technology; Animal Reproduction Immunology; Progress of Modern Animal Genetic Breeding; Modern Animal Biotechnology; Animal Cell Engineering


1. Dairy Key technology integration and industrialization demonstration. Science and Technology Progress Award by Shaanxi Province. The Third one. 2008

2. Guidance of doctoral dissertation: Study on Cryopreservation of Boar Semen. Outstanding Paper Award by Shaanxi Province. 2008

Outreach and Extension:


1. Research on production of genetic engineering drugs by transgenic technology of Qinhuangdao Technology Investment Corporation

2. Research and development on ecological dairy industry and sex control technology of dairy cattle in northwest rural area (No.2006BAD04A11) of National Key Technology R&D Program

3. The fast and efficient breeding technology integration of high-yield dairy cattle and industrialization demonstration (2007-27) of Agricultural Science and Technology Project

4. Research on transgenic animal with disease resistance (2009ZX08007-008B) of Major Technology Project of Ministry of Agriculture

5. Development and application of livestock sperm separation with rapid and lower damage (No.2008AA101004) of National High-Tech Research and Development Project

6. Research on dairy cattle efficient breeding and industrialization demonstration (No.2009ZDKG-17) of Technology Innovation Project (“13115”) by Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province


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