Qian Yonghua

Professor Qian Yonghua
Qian Yonghua, Professor, Vice President
President’s Office;
Northwest A&F University
3 Taicheng Road, Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, China
Tel: +86-29-87080818
Fax: +86-29-87082810
E-mail: qyh@nwsuaf.edu.cn

B.S. Southeast Agricultural University, Sericulture 1984
M.S. Northwest Agricultural University (the present Northwest A&F University), Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 1993
Ph.D. Zhejiang Agricultural University (the present Zhejiang University), Silkworm Pathology 1998

Professional History:
1995.10 Deputy Director, Institute of Sericulture and Silk in Shaanxi Province
1996.4 Director, Institute of Sericulture and Silk in Shaanxi Province
2000 Secretary of CPC committee and Associate Dean, College of Animal Sciences and Technology, Northwest A&F University
2004 Director, Office of Human Resources, Northwest A&F University

Present Position:
Vice President, Northwest A&F University
Executive member, Chinese Society of Sericultural Science
Director-general, Shaanxi Society of Sericultural Science
Vice Chairman, Shaanxi Association of Sericultural Science
Chief Editor, Journal of ”North Sericulture”
Member of Editorial Board, Journals of ”Science of Sericulture” and ”China Sericulture”
Secretary General, Research Association of North Sericulture

Research Interests:
Silkworm Disease Prevention and Control, Pathogenic Micro-organisms, Animal Resources and New Function Development

Teaching and extension works on sericulture in fields of Cytopathology, Molecular Etiology and Immunology, Silkworm Pathology
Offer courses for undergraduate and graduate students such as Silk History and Culture, Research Progress of Special Economic Animal Production
15 M.S. students and 1 PhD student had received corresponding degrees under his supervision; now he has 3 M.S. students and 1 PhD student.

Academic Achievement:
He is engaged in teaching and research in sericulture, the main research interests are microporidian biology of silkworm, molecular nosetiology and treatment of silkworm granulosis and screening of its medicine, he is engaged in the prevention and treatment of other silkworm diseases as well as the development of prevention medicine. At the same time, he conducted the research and development of comprehensive utilization of Sericultural resources such as research and development of silkworm bio-preparation by bioengineering technology. In research of Silkworm disease, he has firstly conducted the research on vitro infection, propagation and development of Nosemabombycis and screening of silkworm granulosis prevention medicine by use of insect cell culture in China, and he used DIPA to do research on life cycle of vitro infection, propagation and development of Nosemabombycis. He has allocated some related techniques of Seri cultural production for demonstration and extension, silkworm and mulberry production bases have been established.

He had obtained one second prize of Shaanxi Sci-Tech Extension Award and one of his products had been granted the invention patent.
He has published more than 30 research papers, and undertook 15 research and extension projects at provincial and ministerial level, of which 12 projects have been completed, currently he is in charge of 3 projects with total research funds of 2 million Yuan.