Sun Shiduo

Sun Shiduo, Professor 

Department of Animal genetics and reproduction

Xinong road , No.22 ,(Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University) Yangling , Shaanxi province
Telephone: 13186026339
Fax: 02987092102


  Undergraduate’s degree, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, Animal husbandry 1982
  Postgraduate’s degree,  NorthwestAgriculture & Forestry University, Animal husbandry 1994
  Doctor’s degree,  NorthwestAgriculture & Forestry University,Animal husbandry 1999

  Research Interests:

  Research interests include analysis of genetic variation in reproduction and disease resistance in livestock and laboratory species and refinement of the bovine / human / mouse comparative map. A primary focus is identification of genes (quantitative trait loci or QTL) contributing to variation in bovine twinning rate. Use of markers linked with twinning rate QTL in selection programs will greatly facilitate increasing or decreasing twinning rate as deemed appropriate by a given cattle management system. Comparative mapping efforts are targeted to genomic regions harboring QTL and regions lacking comparative map data.


  • Pig Science: Practice course of Pig Science, 9, 2000 to present,
  • Introduction of animal husbandry , 9, 2003 to 11,2005
  • Swine and poultry science, 1, 2006 to 11,2006
  • Introduction of cultivation facility, 9, 2007 to 12,2007
  • Livestock and swine subject, 9, 2008 to 10, 2008


  First praise of Farming Fisheries Harvest, for the Temary hybrid product lean meet swine promotion. Issued February, 2003, by the Agriculture Department of Shan Xi province.

  Senond praise for Farming Fisheries Harvest, for the Temary hybrid product lean meet swine promotion. Issued December, 2003, by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  Outreach and Extension:

  In this work position for over 10 years, in response of the needs of the development of pig husbandry, I went to pig husbandry bases of Shaan Xi, Ning Xia, Gan SU, Shan Xi, Qing Hai and Xin Jiang 6 provinces, take off lessons for 64 times, teached 24,300 people, technique lectures in Shaanxi broadcast 21 times, and has been invited to be the specially invited guestof Shaanxi broadcast, 168 hot line, expert of Shaanxi province for the Agricultural science and technologyenter doors project,and pig husbandry expert of “one country one breed” science enter doors, all-in-one pig husbandry industry expert in Yangling·Xianyang, the prime expert or technique adviser of 8 large pig husbandry companies in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Shanxi etc. July 2008, joined in the disaster area beasts and birds husbandry technique Ph. D team which organized by the university, fulfilled the tasks successfully, and was highly estimated among colleagues in stricken region.


  Publications: (selected publications from peer-reviewed journals)

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