Zhang Zhiying

College of Animal Science & Technology
Northwest A&F University
22 St.XiNong, YangLing, Shaan'xi

Tel: 15091199929

Email: zhangzhy@nwsuaf.edu.cn



1994-1998 Ph.D.of Biomedicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Montreal.

1982-1985 M.Sc. of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Northwestern Agricultural University, Shaanxi, PRC.

1978-1982 B.Sc. of Animal Genetics and Breeding , Northwestern Agricultural University, Shaanxi, PRC.


  • Genomics: Application of zinc finger nuclease in generation of transgenic animals and gene function analysis.
  • Virology and Oncology. Elucidating mechanisms of the accessory genes of a fish retrovirus (WDSV) inducing skin tumor regression, sponsored by NSRC;

Functional analysis of adenovirus E1A gene in yeast cells, supported by CIHR;

Identification of the mechanism of adenovirus E4orf4 tumor cell killing, supported by CIHR;

Immunonutrition. Application of immunological nutrition principles to promote animal growth.


2008-present  Professor, Northwest A&F University, China

2000-2007 Senior Scientist ,Gemin X Biotechnology Inc., Canada


1.Title: Antisense calpain nucleotides and uses thereof United States Patent Application: 20040096869 May 20, 2004

Martineau, Daniel; (Saint-Hyacinthe, CA) ; Zhang, Zhiying; (Brossard, CA).       

2.Title:  Diterpenoid compounds, compositions thereof and their use as anti-cancer or anti-fungal agents  United States Patent Application: 20050070540 March 31, 2005

Beauparlant, Pierre; (Montreal, CA) ; Attardo, Giorgio; (Vimont, CA) ; Zhang, Zhiying; (Brossard, CA) ; Stafford, Angela M.; (Castleton, GB) ; Ubillas, Rosa; (Sunnyvale, CA) ; McAlpine, James B.; (Montreal, CA) ; Lavallee, Jean-Francois; (Milles-Iles, CA) ; Fortin, Samuel; (Ste-Luce, CA) ; Tripathy, Sasmita; (Pierrefonds, CA)       


  1. Li S, Brignole C, Marcellus R, Thirlwell S, Binda O, McQuoid MJ, Ashby D, Chan H, Zhang Z, Miron MJ, Pallas DC, Branton PE. The Adenovirus E4orf4 Protein Induces G2/M Arrest and Cell Death by Blocking PP2A Activity Regulated by the B55 Subunit. Journal of Virology, 2009, Jun, 17.
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