Zhou Zhanqin

Zhou Zhanqin, Professor

College of Animal Science & Technology

Northwest A&F University

22 St. XiNong, YangLing, Shaanxi Province

Tel: 13468669020

Email: zzqdr1958@tom.com

Educational Background:

B.S.: Gansu Agricultural University, Animal Science, Sept.1978

M.S.: Gansu Agricultural University, Sheep Breeding, Sept.1981

Research Interests:

Research interests include the early selections to breeding goats, the establishment of hybrid models of meat goat and development of goat meat richening in Se.

Professional Background:

1997.7-1997.12   Assistant Research Fellow , Shaanxi Agricultural Academy.

1998.12-2003.11  Vice-researcher, Shaanxi Agricultural Academy.

2003.12-present   Professor, Northwest A&F University

2007.8—present   Vice Chairman, Sheep Society of China

Main Research Projects:

1. Technology Promotion on Crossbreeding and Use to Boer Goats. Harvest Project of the Ministry of Agriculture of P.R. China (1999-2000)

2. Use of Introduced Meat Goats on Crossbreeding and Improvement and Establish of Propagation Region, Research Project of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province (2001~2002)

3. Embryo Transfer of Improved Meat Sheep in Northwest China, Technology Agency Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China (2003-2005)

4. Establish of the Technology System on Standardized Raising of Meat Sheep, Research Project of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province (2004~2005)

5. Establish of the Production Mode of Green Goat Milk. Research Project of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province (2006~2007)

6. Research and Demonstration on Eco-efficient Raising Technologies of Dairy Goat and Meat Sheep. 13115 Project of Shaanxi Province (2007~2008)

7. Establish of Test and Demonstration Region of White Cashmere Goats in Jingbian County. Promotional item of Northwest A&F University (2008-2010)


First Praise for Farming Fisheries Harvest ,for Technology Promotion on Crossbreeding and Use to Boer Goats, Awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture of P.R. China, (2001)

Second Praise for Farming Agricultural Technology Promotion, for Promotion of Synthesized Technology on Efficient production of Meat Sheep, Awarded by Shaanxi Provincial Government (2005)

Selected Publications:

1. Zhou Zhanqin, Wu Heping, Chen Xiaoqiang. Use of Vitamine B 12 Injection in the Storage of Boer Goat Semen, Journal of Gansu Agricutural University, 199732(4)313~317

2. Zhou Zhanqin, Wu Heping, Chen Xiaoqiang. Storage Techniques of Boer Goat Seme--- Selection of Diluents and Icing Fluids,  Acta Agriculturae Boreali-occidentalis Sinica, 199872):15~19

3. Zhou Zhan-qin , Li Guang, Fu Ming-zhe, Chen Xiao-qiang, Pan Rui, Hao Ying-chang , Liu Xiu-an. Effect of Repeated Super-ovulation in Boer Goats during Reproductive Season, Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin, 2003195):1~3

4. Zhou Zhan-qin , Wu He-pin, Chen Xiao-qiang, Pan Rui, Fu Mingzhe, Liul Lu. Comparison between Oviduct and Uterine Horn for Ova Collection of Boer Goats, Journal of Gansu Agricutural University,2003384):407~410

5. Zhou Zhan-qin ,Wu Heping Fu Ming-zhe, Chen Xiao-qiang, Pan Rui, Hao Ying-chang, Liu Xiu-an. Factors Affecting the Conception Rate of Embryos Transferred from Boer Goats , Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin,  2004201):100~105

6. Wu Heping, Zhou Zhan-qin , Pan Rui,Fu Ming-zhe, Chen Xiao-qiang, Hu Quan-fu , Yin Ming-liang. Effects of Collection and Transfer of Embryos from Boer Goats Transported to Strange Land. Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin2004206):9~10,18

7. Wu  He-pinZhou Zhan-qinChen Xiao-qiangFu Ming-zhe Hao Ying-chang.

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8. Zhou Zhan-qin, Meng Gui-dong. The Effects of Humic Acid Sodium Added to the Goat Feed on the Use of Mmineral Elements, China Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Medicine,2007343):21~23

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10Zhang Jin-xia , Li Xiao-peng and  Zhou Zhan-qin. Factors of Osteoporosis Happened to Indoor Cashmere Goats Raised All Year Round, Acta Agriculturae Boreali-occidentalis Sinica, 2009182):15~18

11Zhou Zhan-qinWu He-pin Chen Xiao-qiang. Sheep Husbandry during the Han-Tang Dynasty, Agricultural Archaeology,20091):291~296

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13. Zhng Jin- xia, Zhou Zhanqin(Corresponding author ),Tang Xiang-fang Zhang Hong-fu ,  Liu Yu-tian, Wei Xing-hui, Ding Guo-qing. The Effects of Injecting pGRF Gene Plasmid on Biochemical Indicators and Mmeat Quality of the Growth Pigs, Acta Agriculturae Boreali-occidentalis Sinica, 2010193):15~18

14. Tian Jin-hui,  Liu JinbiaoZhou Zhan-qin(Corresponding author). Analysis of Hereditary Distance between Liaoning Cashmere Goat Introduced to Shaanbei and Angora goat, Acta Agriculturae Boreali-occidentalis Sinica, 2010195):15~18