Ningbo Chen


861dc5ed0f4a4dcda856335be2b41cd2.pngNingbo Chen, Ph.D.

Current Position: Associated Professor at College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, Shaanxi 712100 China

E-mail: ningbochen@nwafu.edu.cn; Tel: +86 18700595957

DOB: December 15, 1987


June 2019. Ph.D. degree in Animal genetics and breeding, Northwest A&F University.

July 2019. Associate Professor, College of Animal Science and Technology Northwest A&F University.

Aug 2020. Postdoctoral Fellow, College of Animal Science and Technology Northwest A&F University.


Cattle Population Omics/ Bovine Genetics/ Molecular Evolution/ Bioinformatics/

My research provides fundamental insight into the origin of cattle, genome organization and plasticity of farm animals, thereby improving our understanding of the molecular-genetic underpinnings of complex traits and diseases. Focus on to dissect genetic architecture of bovine populations, including cattle, yak, and other wild bovine species, quantitatively characterize their admixture features, and reveal their migration history and adaptive divergence. Using next generation sequencing, mitochondrial and the nuclear genome of both ancient and modern bovine species to reveal the population evolution and adaptive introgression.

The four main research foci include

[1]genome assembly and pangenome integration of Chinese cattle,

[2]the origin and formation of East Asian bovine species, including cattle, yak, aurochs, using ancient and modern DNA technology

[3]the genetic characterization of cattle adaptation to extremely environments, and

[4]population-scale complex trait genomics using omics data.


Editorial Board of BMC Biology, BMC Genomics and BMC Genomic Data, Journal of Integrative Agriculture, Journal of Genetics and Genomics, Animal Research and One Health, Agriculture Communications, Modern Agriculture.

The reviewer activity carried out refers to iScience, Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Genetics, Genetic Selection Evolution, BMC Ecology and Evolution, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.


2020 Technology New Star in Shaanxi province, China

2020 Reward-gainers of the excellent PhD dissertations in Shaanxi Province, China


Selected publications from peer-reviewed journals, * stands for Corresponding author

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